What is waterfall display & which phones have waterfall display?

waterfall display
waterfall display

In the market we have been seeing different approaches towards screens of phones recently.Some are curved, some are flat, some are foldable(eg Galaxy Fold). Waterfall display is no more special, which you might be hearing now adays, Samsung implemented similar kind of thing days back of Galaxy S7.

Vivo Nex waterfall display

What is Waterfall display?

Waterfall Display is when the side edges of a display are curved to such a degree that you can’t see any side edge bezel – it’s as if there’s a cliff edge and the screen is flooding off it, hence the name.

Now, the concept of a curved screen isn’t new by any means. We’ve long seen curved edges, back to when the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge appeared in 2014.While such devices were bold with their screen curvature, it’s now highly common to find flagship phones with curved edges – but not to the same ‘off-the-edge’ infinity-style as a Waterfall Display, rather more to subdue the physical size of a device and make it more comfortable to hold.

List of phones having waterfall display

  1. Huawei Mate 30 Pro
  2. Vivo Nex 3
  3. Oppo Find X2
  4. Samsung S11 (rumoured)

Advantages of waterfall display

  • It maximises the screen-to-body ratio by banishing the side bezels to oblivion, making for a good-looking solution for screen-dominant design.
  • It also opens up a world of tailored software, where edge-specific lighting displays, alerts and bespoke software interactions can be possible.

Cons of waterfall display

  • quite easy to touch by accident, especially on a large-scale screen when reaching across it
  • Absense of traditional side buttons.
  • Apps and content are not quite ready for waterfall displays.
  • Fair bit of distortion on the edges when watching video that can get distracting.

Here is a video depicting waterfall display in a smartphone.


Tech giants like Samsung and Huawei have been manufacturing up devices with curved edges for a while now, but Oppo’s demo takes this concept to another level by extending the visible area. Naturally, because of these overflowing bezels, there’s no room for hardware buttons on the sides.


Recently in the news

  • The new upcoming Oppo phone has waterfall screen.There is no front camera on the mysterious OPPO with Waterfall Screen. The slimness of the phone suggests that it could be equipped with OPPO’s under-display camera technology that was showcased at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 Shanghai tech trade show in June. Under-display camera technology is all about embedding the camera beneath the top portion of the display which remains invisible while using the device and appears only when the front camera is accessed.


Final Words

All the smartphone manufacturing companies are trying their best to innovate their phones in many aspects and the screen size and build of the screen still remains on the number one in the list of innovations, and in the coming few months we would see many more new concepts of smartphones which would consider “screen” as one of the major differenciating factor.

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