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Later this year, new emojis could include the "Pushing Hand" gesture, which looks like a high-five.

There is also a shaking face, a knob of ginger, and a hair pick for styling textured hair.

On Wednesday, Emojipedia, a popular emoji reference site, released sample images of more than a dozen new emojis that have been submitted to Unicode 

For people who don't know what the Unicode Consortium is, it's a non-profit organisation that oversees global emoji standards and new releases.

In addition to the maracas, there is a long-awaited pink heart, and the Khanda is a traditional symbol of Sikhism.  

"While some might not make the cut, most presented for approval are historically confirmed," Keith Broni, the editor-in-chief of Emojipedia, said in a blog post.

The final Unicode approval is expected in September. In late 2022 or early 2023, major platforms will release the emojis as software updates.