2022 World Cup organizers agree to serve beer throughout tournament

The World Cup kicks off Nov. 20. It will be the first World Cup in the Middle East.

FIFA & World Cup organizers have reached an agreement to allow fans to buy beer during matches.The tournament's host country, Qatar, only allows alcohol in hotel restaurants & bars that have licenses.

Budweiser has been exclusive beer brand of World Cup since 1986. In 2011, its parent company, AB InBev, renewed its deal with FIFA through 2022, which put pressure on country to ease its restrictions.

FIFA said Saturday that alcoholic Budweiser will be sold "within the stadium perimeter prior to kickoff and after the final whistle."

Alcohol will not be served at concession stands in stadium concourse. Instead, it will be sold within eight stadium compounds. Fans will be permitted to bring only non-alcoholic drinks to their seats.

Beer also will be available for purchase during evenings only at the official "Fan Festival" in a downtown Doha park.

Hospitality and corporate packages have offered beer and other "premium" alcoholic drinks since February 2021.