Stimulus update: $250 direct rebate check payments to be sent out in New York to homeowner

Residents of Schenectady County, New York may soon see checks work up to $250.

The Schenectady County Legislature approved a budget amendment earlier this week that created a $250 property tax rebate aimed at providing financial relief to homeowners within the county.

“Our efforts to manage resources in a fiscally responsible way have helped the county build a healthy reserve fund to see us through,” Anthony Jasenski, chair of Schenectady County Legislature said.

“The rebate will provide relief to families who are struggling to make ends meet due to record inflation that continues to drive up grocery, housing, and fuel prices.”

Dubbed the 2023 Schenectady County Homeowners $250 Rebate Program, the initiative will deliver some $9 million to roughly 34,500 homeowners, according to the county.

Specifics about when to apply for the program and when payments will begin rolling out are not yet available. Now that the measure has been approved, county manager must request state authorization.

The program will likely feature similar requirements to New York State’s Basic, Enhanced, and Credit STAR programs for eligibility, per the county.

Schenectady County's legislature approved the rebate alongside several other initiatives during its Oct. 19 meeting. The budget features $391,096,612 but does not lean on any property tax increases.