Fact check: 3 false and misleading claims Trump made in his announcement speech

Trump’s announcement speech at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Tuesday was filled with false claims about a variety of topics. Here are 3 false claims made by him with the actual facts.

Trump claimed his administration “filled up” the Strategic Petroleum Reserve but it has now been “virtually drained” by the Biden administration.

Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Facts: Trump’s claims are false. He didn’t fill up the reserve & it is not virtually drained. US reserve remains largest even though President Biden released a major chunk to help keep oil prices down

Trump claimed that his administration, unlike Obama’s administration, had convinced countries like Guatemala & Honduras to take back their gang members who came to America.

Deportations under Obama

Facts First: In 2016, Obama’s last full fiscal year in office, ICE reported Guatemala and Honduras ranked second and third, in terms of the country of citizenship of people being removed from the US.

Trump claimed a missile that was “sent in probably by Russia” landed 50 miles into Poland & People are going absolutely wild and crazy and they’re not happy.

Missile landing in Poland

Facts First: This claim is false. While Poland said a Russian-made missile did land in their territory killing 2 Polish citizens, the explosion happened about four miles west of the Ukrainian border.