The top 5 most powerful characters in Multiversus

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Mohit Kumar

Warner Bros. has finally released an open beta version of its platform fighter game called MultiVersus.

The free-to-play fighting game has become quite popular because of its online 2v2 fights. So we are going to tell you six top-tier characters that will help you win any match.

There are a number of quick combo attacks Harley can use that are easy to land. Using her side charge attacks, you can take out enemies with lower damage. 

5. Harley Quinn

Her attack has a lot of range and she moves very fast. If someone is within range, she will lunge and steal their face with Face-Stealer. Combos of her normal attacks can also cause a lot of damage.

4. Arya Stark

She has powerful combos and special attacks, so she can rack up damage quickly, but her passive is what makes her stand out.

3. Velma

Yes, Superman has tonnes of attacks and combos that can easily defeat any opponent in under a minute if used correctly.

2. Superman

MultiVersus' Shaggy is a powerful character with simple moves that are easy to use. 

1. Shaggy