5 Movies and Shows to Watch for Fourth of July Weekend 2022

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Vol. 2 – Netflix

In general, Stranger Things Season 4 has ramped up the suspense, leaving the very fate of Hawkins in question. 

The ‘Thor’ movies – Disney+

Captain America is the natural go-to for Marvel fans on the Fourth of July weekend — but this year, watching the Thor movies may prove more appropriate.  

‘The Boys’ Season 3 – Prime Video

If you’ve already seen the most recent chapters, there’s undoubtedly some appeal to watching Homelander  and Soldier Boyconfront each other all over again. 

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ – Exclusively in theater

The much-anticipated sequel to the 1986 film has sparked feelings of nostalgia in moviegoers. It climbed to the top of the box office when it first debuted 

‘Lightyear’ – Exclusively in theater

An animated adventure following the man who inspired Toy Story‘s Buzz, Lightyear will appeal to kids and adults alike. As such, it’s the ideal film to see on a family trip to the movies.