Palm Tree
Palm Tree

8 Indoor Plants That Grow In Water

By Aditya Singh

Pothos: Bring home the tropics. It's a resilient plant, perfect for beginners. Just place a stem in a jar of water.

Lucky Bamboo: Symbol of good fortune, it thrives in water. Its twisting stalks add an artistic touch to your space.

Peace Lily: It’s more than just a pretty face. Filters toxins from the air. It enjoys being in a vase of water.

Philodendron: Heart-shaped leaves whisper love for your room. This plant grows happily in water and low light.

Spider Plant: Admire its arching leaves. Fast-growing in water, it's an ideal pick for a lively interior.

Snake Plant: Don't fear its name. It's a hardy plant that grows well in water and purifies your air.

English Ivy: It cascades elegantly in water. It's not just beautiful but also known for reducing airborne toxins.

Arrowhead Plant: It's known for its lush, arrow-shaped leaves. Thrives in water and adds a tropical vibe to your space.