Video captured a rare meteor lighting up the sky above Texas.

There was a bright flash in the sky on Sunday night that caught the attention of many. 

As a result of the event, hundreds of reports were received from Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Only 2 Nights After a Big Fireball Over Indiana, Another Appears Over Texas. Over 200 reports from 3 state

The American Meteor Society on Monday

Over Cistern, Texas, witnesses witnessed a meteor-like structure emerge from the clouds and plummet downward.

A fireball is just another term for a “larger… very bright meteor… generally brighter than magnitude -4,” according to AMS. 

Despite the fact that fireballs are an everyday occurrence, it is rare for anyone to see more than one or two fireballs in their lifetime.

During the night of July 30 or 31, the alpha Capricornid meteor shower peaks, and this fireball could be part of it.