On the Packers' defeat, Aaron Rodgers said, "We injured ourselves numerous times, myself included."

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Aaron Rodgers preached patience after the Packers' Week 1 loss to the Vikings.

LaFleur was candid about his play-calling in a game in which the Packers averaged 6.7 yards per pass attempt and seemed to abandon the run game too early.

When it came to the dispersal of the offensive, LaFleur even added a couple more logs to his own fire.

Any time Aaron Jones leaves a game with eight touches, LaFleur declared, "that's not good enough."

The day was started off poorly as youngster Christian Watson dropped a pass that should have been a 75-yard touchdown.

LaFleur: "Two years in a row, we've been unprepared." "We'll all look inward and make changes."

If Green Bay's slow start from a year ago continues, the Packers should be alright, despite Sunday's loss.