Amazon Prime Members Now Have Grubhub+ Free for One Year

Amazon Prime is known for its convenience and efficiency when it comes to delivering goods, streaming video, and ordering groceries. Starting today, per a new acquisition of part of food delivery service Grubhub, Prime members will have access to another convenient delivery service: Free Grubhub+ for a year.

The online retail giant will buy into a 2% stake in meal delivery service Grubhub, which is owned by the European parent company, Just Eat Takeaway. Grubhub is a U.S.-based food delivery platform.

The new deal was announced as a part of Prime Day promotions for Amazon and revealed that Prime members will have access to the delivery's premium service Grubhub+ via their Prime accounts for one full year, which will grant them free delivery on all orders over $12.

"I am incredibly excited to announce this collaboration with Amazon that will help Grubhub continue to deliver on our long-standing mission to connect more diners with local restaurants," Adam DeWitt, CEO of Grubhub said in a company release.

"Amazon has redefined convenience with Prime and we're confident this offering will expose many new diners to the value of Grubhub+ while driving more business to our restaurant partners and drivers," Adam DeWitt, CEO of Grubhub said.

The agreement will also allow for Amazon to take an additional 13% stake in the company (15% total) based on "the satisfaction of certain performance conditions", namely dependent on how many new Grubhub+ customers are added to the service through Amazon's new partnership.

Grubhub's primary competitors are U.S.-based food delivery services Uber Eats and DoorDash, both of which fell Wednesday morning in pre-trading (3% and 7%, respectively) upon the news. It was also reported that Just Eat Takeaway was soaring over 17% in Europe markets at the same time.

It's estimated that Amazon currently has over 160 million Prime subscribers, with that number projected to reach 176 million within the next three years. Amazon remained flat in a 24-hour period upon news of the new partnership, though the company was down over 28% in a one-year period at the same time.

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