Princes Andrew and Harry will be excluded from the royal institution even more.

King Charles effectively dropped them from the list of royals who could step in for him or sign documents for the Crown if he was ill or unable to do so.

After seemingly innocent queries were posed, the position of so-called "counsellors of state" underwent a considerable transformation.

Viscount Stansgate is an aristocrat and one of 92 Lords who were given a seat in Parliament by inheritance under antiquated laws that no government has been able to alter.

Lord True, the head of the House of Lords, answered the query instead of dismissing it with a canned response, saying that in 1937 George VI had

signalled the necessity to take whatever action was required to "ensure the exercise of the Royal Authority" not long after his own accession.

According to sources cited by Hardman, the queen was the one who decided to "tidy up" the constitutional provisions so that Harry or Andrew wouldn't need to be contacted.

The queen could see the need for some reforms, while not wishing to exclude the Dukes of Sussex or York…the king is simply following through with that.