Apple Announces New Lockdown Mode on iOS 16


Apple announced today that iOS 16 will have a new Lockdown Mode for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

According to Apple, the optional security feature is intended to protect a "very small percentage" of customers who may be vulnerable to "very focused cyberattacks" from private companies.

According to Apple, Lockdown Mode is enabled in the third beta versions of iOS 16.

When the software updates are published later this year, the capability will be available to all users.

Lockdown Mode is disabled by default but can be activated in the Privacy & Security section of the Settings or System Settings app.

Lockdown Mode can be disabled at any moment by going to the same section of the Settings app.

Lockdown Mode, according to apple, provides a "extreme" level of protection by severely limiting or eliminating the functioning of features, apps, and websites.

Apple started sending email and iMessage notifications to users who may have been the target of state-sponsored attackers last year.