This sneaker gets more colorful the more you wear it !

Art collective MSCHF and Jimmy Fallon collaborated on a skate shoe that’s not meant to stay in pristine condition.

Art collective and sometimes streetwear brand MSCHF has made its name by both thumbing its nose at consumerism while stoking it through its hypebeast-meets-Warhol product drops. 

The New York-based group was responsible for Lil Nas X’s notorious Satan Shoes, a limited run of 666 pairs of modified Nike Air Max 97s that earned it a lawsuit from none other than the sneaker giant itself last March. 

The organization has now dropped its latest creation: the Gobstomper sneaker, made in collaboration with Jimmy Fallon. 

Announced on The Tonight Show on Monday, the $195 Gobstomper is a skate shoe that reveals different colors as the surface gray suede is worn away with use, much like a Gobstopper candy changes shades as its outer layers dissolve.  

As MSCHF’S drops, there’s a bit of humor with the Gobstomper, as it’s a skate shoe created in partnership with a celebrity who doesn’t know how to skate—and the imagined him attempting to is the centerpiece of the show’s marketing campaign.

As Greenberg puts it, part of the unexpected nature of the drop is “the irony of doing a skate shoe with someone who can’t skate and then doing a whole photo shoot about them falling on their ass.”