Artemis launch - live: Nasa announcing potential astronaut landing sites for Moon mission

Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center could see its first launch of a massive Moonrocket since 1973, as the space agency prepares to launch its Artemis I mission on 29 August.

The uncrewed test flight of Nasa’s Space Launch System rocket & the Orion spacecraft is slated as being first steps at federal agency before eventually getting human space boots back on Moon by 2025.

On Friday 19 August, Nasa is set to announce potential landing sites for the mission.

Artemis I is the first test flight for SLS & Orion and will be crucial test for ensuring all the related systems function properly in space before the first humans climb aboard for Artemis II in 2023.

The mission is scheduled to last 42 days and will include a flyby that will take the spacecraft just 62 miles from the lunar surface.

Later it will enter a wide orbit around the Moon for six days in order to collect flight data.

Nasa rolled its rocket to the launch pad three days early ahead of the 29 August launch.