Astronomer Thinks Something Alien Sits On Ocean Floor

Harvard-Smithsonian Center professor for Astrophysics thinks it’s possible there is alien tech sitting on the ocean floor or at least something interstellar. And he’ wants to scoop it up and find out.

in 2014 a meteor streamed into our atmosphere at a speed of 100,000mph before exploding in the lower atmosphere; the pieces ended up in the South Pacific Ocean off Papua New Guinea. 

Loeb theorized that speed made it “much too fast to be bound to the sun”—meaning it could have come from outside our solar system. He also believes it’s composed of a material tougher than iron.

But his 2019 paper asserting this used observations from a US Department of Defense spy satellite. As such explains “the exact error values of the measurement are a carefully guarded secret.”

His paper has yet to find a home in a peer-reviewed journal since the data can’t be verified, and that meteor—CNEOS 2014-01-08—has yet to be classified as an interstellar object.

It would be huge if it was: Only two interstellar objects are confirmed (Oumuamua & Borisov) & neither entered our atmosphere. But if his mission goes as planned, he could end up with very real proof.

Loeb is launching a $1.5 million expedition to retrieve pieces."It's just like mowing the lawn. We are planning to use a sled with a magnet that will scoop a very thin layer off the top of the muck."