Full and near moon July 13

A supermoon is a full and near moon

The moon will be full, and at its nearest to Earth for 2022, on Wednesday, July 13. Twice or sometimes three times every year, we have these near-in moons, nowadays called supermoons.A supermoon is defined as being near its perigee, or closest point in orbit to Earth, at a time when the moon is also new or full.

The graph of the moon’s distance from Earth in 2022. This graph comes from the Astronomical Calendar 2022.

July 13 is the closest supermoon of 2022

The time of the July 13 perigee is 9:04 UTC, which by clocks on distorted summer time show as 10:04 a.m. in Britain, and 4:04 a.m. in North America’s Central time zone. The perigee happens only 9.5 hours before the moment of full moon.

Supermoons can cause high tide

The moon is the main cause of Earth’s tides. But the sun, vastly larger and vastly more distant, adds a pull about half as strong. This is why the highest amplitude of tides comes at these two near-in moons – the year’s closest new moon and the year’s closest full moon – which, in 2022, fall slightly less than half a year apart.

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