The UAE's future space exploration goals are displayed in a new virtual environment that Bedu, a Dubai-based start-up focused on metaverse initiatives.

To enable the business to provide a top-notch virtual experience, the initiative largely relies on blockchain technology and decentralised hosting.

The concept is referred to as "2117," after the projected Mars 2117 programme of the UAE.

The "Mars Scientific City" will be a livable colony that will be established on the red planet.

The Mars city will have its own energy, food, and water gathering technology as well as food laboratories.

To help with some of the challenges of construction in such a hostile climate, 3D printing.

Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and Bedu have an arrangement that will let Bedu create its own metaverse.

With all the infrastructure and legal framework required in the upcoming years, it will operate just like a real economy.

Over the next five years, this initiative is expected to generate $4 billion in economic growth and 40,000 new employment in the UAE.