Best Features in watchOS 11 for Apple Watch

Written By

Aditya Singh

Live Activities now appear on Apple Watch, showing real-time updates on deliveries, ride shares, and sports scores.

New Smart Stack cards dynamically update based on location, time, and context, offering weather alerts, translations, and music identification.

The Translate app arrives on Apple Watch, supporting 20 languages with voice input and customizable response speed.

The new Vitals app visualizes key health metrics like heart rate, respiratory rate, wrist temperature, SpO2 levels, and sleep patterns.

Users can now pause activity streaks for any reason, preventing loss of streaks due to illness or other interruptions.

Set different activity goals for different days, allowing for flexibility in managing weekly and weekend fitness targets.

Training Load compares current performance against the past 28 days, indicating whether you're above, below, or on track with your goals.