Black Panther Wakanda Forever teaser out. Marvel pays emotional tribute to Chadwick Boseman 

Marvel unveiled the trailer for "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever"  on Saturday, July 23 at San Diego Comic-Con as the cast moves forward without late actor Chadwick Boseman. 

The trailer features a lyrical motif of "We Gon' Be Alright" from Kendrick Lamar’s song, "Alright." The video also includes images of Wakanda’s environments and what appears to be a funeral, with many Wakandans dressed in white.

The video shows someone in the Black Panther suit, although it remains unclear who is wearing the costume. Boseman's character T'Challa was the Black Panther in the original film. 

With an emotional rendition of No Woman No Cry in the background, fans see the return of Nakia, Okoye and Shuri, along with new characters in the teaser. 

Tenoch Huerta will play Namor the Submariner and is joined by Mabel Cadena as Namora and Dominique Thorne as Ironheart.  

Queen Mother Ramonda takes over the United Nations, as she calls herself ‘Queen of the most powerful nation in the world’. “And my entire family is gone,” she tells the men in suits.

Shuri is seen leading what appears to be a funeral. There are underwater scenes of a child being born and men hitching rides across the ocean on massive whales.  

Black Panther 2 is due to arrive in theaters on November 11 and serve as the conclusion to Phase 4. Ryan paid tribute to Chadwick Boseman at the comic con. “The impact that he made on this industry will be felt forever,” he said.