Boeing's Starliner Leaves Astronauts Stranded in Space

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Boeing's Starliner spacecraft, carrying astronauts, faces prolonged space station stay due to technical issues post-launch.

Mission delays due to engine problems and helium leaks plague $1.5bn NASA-Boeing joint venture.

In spite of setbacks, Boeing confirms the stability of critical systems for a safe return; only minor problems with the engines remain.

NASA assures ISS has plenty of supplies; no urgency for astronauts to leave as Starliner fixes.

There is still an uncertainity on the return date for astronauts Williams and Wilmore. It will depend on post-spacewalk assessments in July.

Boeing's recent challenges are reminiscent of past aviation crises, but the company maintains that the aerospace and aviation sectors operate independently.

Public and industry attention continues to focus on Boeing's handling of the Starliner's complex journey amid ongoing investigations.

NASA's emphasis on a meticulous, data-driven approach to the management of Starliner technical failures for mission safety.