Brahmastra Surprises Everyone On 2nd Weekend

Written By

Aditya Singh

Bollywood's most ambitious and expensive production to date  Brahmastra was launched in theatres on September 9th.

However, the film garnered mixed reactions from the public and failed to hold well following a strong opening weekend.

While everyone was impressed by the VFX and CGI work in the film, the writing was a tremendous letdown.

Following a terrible weekday performance, the picture was predicted to tank in the next days.

However, the second-weekend receipts have given the creators some optimism.

On Saturday, the box office for Brahmastra saw a significant increase.  On Saturday, the picture grossed over 17 crores nett, giving it a solid push.

Brahmastra is on course to cross the 200 crore milestone today, and the film has a good possibility of grossing 300 crores in its total run.

The film's budget is enormous, yet it will still be a flop.