Brock Lesnar appears at SmackDown after Vince McMahon's retirement.

It was speculated that Lesnar walked away from Smackdown after learning that Vince McMahon is retiring as CEO and chairman. Apparently, it was just a storyline. 

When Brock Lesnar appeared at WWE Smackdown on Friday night, he surprised fans.

The Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez reported the story; Sean Ross Sapp tweeted that Lesnar was "Pissed off"

After the story went viral, a WWE spokesperson declined to comment on the reports.

McMahon retired from WWE after 40 years of running the company, 

The announcement comes after the board has been probing $12 million in "hush money" payments to four different former employees with whom he had sexual relations.

It was expected that Lesnar would appear on SmackDown this Friday to promote his SummerSlam match with Roman Reigns.