Bruce Willis’ wife Emma slams critics for grief awareness post: ‘F--- ‘em’

After Bruce Willis was diagnosed with aphasia his wife Emma blasted critics who made poor comments on her "grief awareness" post. She addressed backlash over a post on National Grief Awareness Day.

"When you’re not allowed to talk grief or being human in world on grief awareness day." She shared screenshot of negative comments- She’s such a drama queen & Oh she will cope just fine with his money

Emma addressed the backlash and shared her husband’s ultimate clap back in the next post."But in the words of the great, philosophical, and insightful Bruce Willis…’Ah, f--- ‘em.’"

She went on to respond to the harsh comments, as she copes with her husband’s aphasia diagnosis in her own way. In this crazy day and age of comments and people thinking they know you & the situation.

"I hope that you get to use that quote as frequently as I get to use my husband's quote. I think he's been up for scrutiny for so many years and he's just built this ultra-thick skin."

Emma added his phrase ‘Ah, f--- ‘em’ has been highly helpful & she hopes that it helps others in life when dealing with situations. Her comments come on heels of her opening up about Bruce’s grief. 

Emma and Bruce married in 2009. The couple has two daughters together.