Here's What South Korean Lawmaker Say

BTS Announced Break Because of Jin's Military Service?  

Even before the "break" announcement, South Korea's parliament was debating whether or not to enlist the seven members of the renowned K-pop group  in the military to complete the country's mandatory military service. 

Yoon Sang-hyun, a lawmaker, had previously suggested an amendment that would reduce the required two years of full-time military services to three weeks of training. 

The South Korean law has throughout the years excused those artists who have received accolades from overseas, including those from the Olympics, Asian Games, classical performers, etc. 

In the case of BTS, perhaps a Grammy victory would have been a huge comfort for Bangtan 

Under a 2019 revision of the law, globally recognised K-pop stars were allowed to put off their service until the age of 30. 

Parliament is now debating a new amendment that would allow K-pop stars to do just three weeks of military training.  

The 29-year-old vocalist has put off his service for as long as he can and is facing the imminent prospect of a full stint - meaning two years out of the public eye - when he turns 30 in December this year.