California Inflation Rebate Checks Start Going Out Today

About 18 million qualifying California residents will begin receiving relief payments of up to $1,050 today to soften the blow of inflation.

State lawmakers grappled with the best way to deal with California’s sky-high gas prices before Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Democratic-dominated Legislature settled on the relief checks.

The relief checks will total $9 billion, according to the state.

The one-time payment — officially titled the Middle Class Tax Refund by the state — will be automatically delivered to residents through Jan. 15, 2023, the Newsom administration says.

Relief payments will be issued by direct deposit or debit card.

It’s important to note that debit cards will be mailed in an envelope prominently displaying the words: “Not a bill or advertisement. Important information about your Middle Class Tax Refund.”

The rebates range from $400 to $1,050 for couples filing jointly and $200 to $700 for all other individuals depending on their income and whether they claimed a dependent.