Calls to block Prince Andrew and Prince Harry as royal stand-in

The House of Lords has heard a call for the Duke of York and the Duke of Sussex to be removed from being stand-ins for King Charles III - and for Princess Royal and Earl of Wessex to be added.

Peers have debated plans for two extra "counsellors of state". But a Labour peer said Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, as non-working royals, should be taken off the list.

Peers on Monday were debating the Counsellors of State Bill, which would widen the pool of royals who could carry out official duties if the King was overseas or ill.

Lord True, the Lord Privy Seal, said the proposal was a "practical solution" necessary for the "machinery of government" - and suggested only working royals would be called upon in practice.

This legislation would add 2 more, rather than remove any of the current 5 stand-ins - Camilla, the Queen Consort, the Prince of Wales, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and his daughter Princess Beatrice.

Lord Berkeley supported the addition of Princess Anne and Prince Edward but he put forward an amendment that would exclude Prince Andrew and Prince Harry and any other non-working royals.

Counsellors of state should not include anyone who had not "undertaken royal duties on a regular basis" for the preceding two years, he proposed.

Prince Andrew withdrew from royal duties in the wake of his association with US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Harry, who lives with his family in the United States, has stepped back from being a "working royal".