Camilla's new title, explained: What's the difference between queen and 'Queen Consort'?

King Charles III now presides over the British monarchy. And by his side: Queen Camilla.

Elizabeth issued a message on her jubilee saying that it's her sincere wish that the Duchess of Cornwall should be known as Queen Consort when Charles ascended to the throne.

What is a queen consort?

"Queen Consort" is the fancy name for the wife of a reigning king, which the United Kingdom has not had since 1952, when King George VI died and his widow, Queen Elizabeth, became the Queen Mother. 

As with first lady of the USA, there's no job description, no official duties & no salary. But there's high visibility, high pressure & high expectations from public whose taxes pay for the monarchy.

In general, a queen consort's job is to support the king in any way she can. Job No. 1 is to birth heirs, but that isn't an issue for Charles & Camilla, have children from their previous marriages.

As the wife for the past 17 years, Camilla has already been doing what a queen consort would do: She is a royal patron to scores of charities and good causes, accompanies her husband on royal tours, meets thousands of people every year.