Chinese rocket March 5b debris falling to earth

China launched part of its space station into orbit using a rocket incapable of controlling reentry into the atmosphere. 

China's rocket remains may hit southern Europe or the continental United States this weekend

Satellite Surveillance and Tracking Service (SST) also warn that debris could "affect the airspace of southern Europe”   

As a result, the Chinese government decided not to control the disposal of the rocket's first stage, and now a 21-ton piece of debris is falling back to earth.

Although the precise location of the debris field is unknown, the possible locations include the United States, India, Australia, Africa, Brazil and Southeast Asia, according to The Aerospace Corporation

This not the first time Chinese  space agency have disposed of their rockets uncontrollably for the third time in two years.

Approximately 88% of the world's population lies within the rocket's orbital footprint, meaning some debris may fall in populated areas  according to The Aerospace Corporation.