Chris Evans says "goodbye" to his iPhone 6S.

Popular Hollywood celebrity Chris Evans has recently said "RIP iPhone 6s" in his latest insta post.

Twitter and Instagram posts revealed that he is finally upgrading his phone old Iphone 6S

In his posts, Evan says that he’ll miss the 2015 device’s home button. He posted a photo of himself upgrading an iPhone 13 Pro. 

Octavia Spencer commented on Evan's Instagram post, saying that she too just switched to a new phone without a home button

Evans mentions that he won't miss taking grainy pictures with the 6S' 12-megapixel camera

Evans wrotes I won’t miss the nightly battle of trying to get you to charge. Or your grainy pictures. Or your sudden drops from 100% battery, to 15%, to completely dead all within minutes. It was a wild ride. Rest easy, pal

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