Photos of King Charles with Camilla, Queen Consort, and Princess Diana that show the differences in their relationship

Charles and Princess Diana looked fairly happy in their engagement photos.

But Charles and Camilla looked elated after they announced their engagement.

Diana and Charles' first public kiss occurred after they were pressured by royal fans.

Charles gleefully leaned into Camilla at an event in 2001 for their first photographed kiss.

There already seemed to be tension between Charles and Diana on their honeymoon.

Charles and Camilla playfully interacted with the public during their honeymoon.

Just a few years into their marriage, Diana and Charles looked uncomfortable with each other.

But when Camilla and Charles attended the 2005 Mey Highland Games, their joy at being with each other was obvious.

By 1992, Diana barely looked at her husband as they made royal appearances. Charles and Diana divorced in 1996. 

There seems to be an abundance of love between King Charles and his Queen Consort in most photos they take.