Walter Isaacson said he "would not be surprised" if Elon Musk faced more lawsuits over Twitter.

Walter Isaacson, an author who has been shadowing Elon Musk for a biography on the billionaire, said he could see Musk involved in further litigation over his Twitter purchase.

"I think Musk has said in the past that whether it's on the bot issue or many other issues, he suspects that he's been misled," Isaacson said

"And so I would not be surprised at all if there are lawsuits involving everything from compensation to people he feels have withheld information illegally from him."

The biographer shadowed Musk over the past week as the billionaire followed through with his plans to buy Twitter. Musk tweeted a screenshot of a message via Twitter's internal Slack from Yoel Roth.

In his initial countersuit against Twitter's attempts to force him to buy the company, Musk argued the social media company intentionally misled him as to the number of scam accounts on its site.

Isaacson said he wasn't sure how "successful" the lawsuits would be and noted that Musk could also be facing litigation from executives who's severance payments could be in "jeopardy."

Ultimately, the biographer said the scene was tense when Musk and his bankers sat down with Twitter executives to close the deal on Thursday night after months of litigation.