Europe Prepares for Critical First Launch of Ariane 6

Written By

Aditya Singh

Europe's all new Ariane-6 rocket is set for its first flight from French Guiana, and it will place multiple satellites in orbit.

The development cost of this is €4bn and it will provide European governments and companies with independent access to space.

Ariane 6 is designed for faster and cheaper productions using latest technology.

It has 2 version: the "62" has two solid fuel boosters which will help in medium weight and the "64" is having four booster that will help in heavy satellites

Ariane 6 can be re-ignited multiple times, useful for deploying large satellite constellations and deorbiting itself to avoid space junk.

Ariane-6 has already got orders but its competitiveness is challenged by the lower costs of reusable rockets like Falcon-9

European officials plan for Ariane-6 to launch monthly also needs competitive pricing to secure a market beyond its initial orders.