Everything We Know So Far About King Charles III’s Coronation

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, Charles III became King. However, it may be a while yet before we witness his official coronation. 

Tradition dictates that country remains in mourning for a period. It might be next spring or summer, the 70th Anniv of the Queen’s coronation or on June 3.

When will King Charles coronation take place?

It is expected that day would be a bank holiday. This is not guaranteed due to the government’s fears about the potential cost to the economy from reduced productivity. 

Will there be a bank holiday ?

Westminster Abbey has been the setting for British coronations for the past 900 years and it’s unlikely that he will deviate from the established model.

Where will King Charles Coronation take place?

Yes, following Queen Elizabeth II’s declaration earlier this year that it was her “sincere wish” that the Duchess of Cornwall takes the title of Queen Consort. 

Will Queen Consort Camilla be crowned?

More than 8000 guests attended Queen Elizabeth's coronation but King Charles' is expected to be significantly smaller with around 2000 dignitaries. 

Who will be present at King Charles coronation?

Considering that King Charles Accession Council was televised for first time in history, it’s almost certain that his coronation will be broadcast live.

Will King Charles coronation be broadcast live?