Social media experts advise how to prevent Facebook account hacking

Written By

Anupriya Jain

The need to safeguard your information is now more than ever as Facebook accounts are increasingly being targeted by hackers. But why are hackers attempting to access your account?

There’s a couple of reasons. One is that if they really want to do something bad they may use that data to try to access your bank accounts or sell your information to the other groups.

Hackers often do it by luring users into disclosing personal info by sending urgent emails or engaging in online fraud. They can also enter by using a user's credential stuffing to their advantage.

People have a lot of passwords out there. And they tend to reuse them for sites, especially for social media sites where they may not put as much importance on it as they do their bank accounts.

Avoiding using the same passwords for multiple accounts is a great place to start avoiding hackers. There are secure password manager programs that keep track of them all, which are especially useful.

When using a long term, it might be hard to retain all of social platform passwords because you often have a huge no of them. When logging into Facebook, a two-step verification method is best.

They cannot get the code that is sent to your phone, even if they have your log-in information and sign in. It is, for the most part, the best way you can use to protect each & every account you have.