Fed links to jobs data to rule out recession

The week ending has been protected by decisions of central banks and hike in interest rates To prevent the rise in prices around the world.

The latest announcement from the US Federal Reserve resulted in a second hike of 75 basis points to control inflation.

Meanwhile, the US economy has shown a new sign of fatigue due to the macroeconomic situation and Fast timonazzo in monetary policy by country.

The GDP of the United States has contracted for the second consecutive quarter, showing that the world’s leading power has gone into tech bankruptcy.

However, the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) doesn’t see it that way. “When something ‘doesn’t fit’ with political interests, its name or definition is changed.

We’re not technically going to assess whether the US is already in a recession, as in the rest of the major developed economies, it’s slowing down fast“, point the link’s analyst, Inigo Isardo.

Employment figures for June (372,000 new jobs) have so far been one of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s nails to continue raising rates without talking of a recession in the United States.

2.7 million new employees Not a recession in the first quarter,” he said. He elaborated this week that his goal is to avoid recession.

OPEC+, on the other hand, will meet with Russia on August 1 to reach an agreement. If they increase the rate of oil pumping More than initially agreed.