"Halloween Ends" Trailer Release: Release Date, Cast, and Plot

The Halloween franchise released its latest movie trailer, "Halloween Ends," today on YouTube. This is the third film in the trilogy that began with 2018's Halloween.

The Halloween Ends trailer shows Laurie Strode facing off against her longtime nemesis, Michael Myers.

"Halloween Ends" is set for release on Friday, October 14-exactly a year after "Halloween Kills" came out.

The movie may have a chance to release on OTT platforms too after 45 days of the initial cinema release. 

The cast of Halloween ends.

1. Andi Matichak as Michael Myer's granddaughter, Allyson. 2. Yellowstone's Will Patton will also be back as Deputy Frank Hawkins.

3. Rohan Campbell as Allyson's new boyfriend, Corey 4. Guiding Light's Michael O'Leary as Dr. Mathi 5. Laurie Strode played by Jamie Lee Curti

The plot revolves around Laurie and Michael Myers' final battle. It's hard to say who will win this fight -- Lauree manages to injure Myers' hand, but he nearly sticks it in the garbage disposal.