The harvest moon will glow an eerie orange color as it rises in the sky. Here's how to watch

If you need sign other than pumpkin spices that fall is here, look no further. Stargazers can view Harvest moon beginning around sunset on Friday & will peak at 5:59 am ET Saturday, according to NASA.

This lunar event is called the harvest moon because it is close to the fall equinox, a time when farmers often harvest their crops, NASA said.

In 2022, September's full moon is closest to autumnal equinox on Sept 22, so it's called harvest moon. When October's full moon is closer to equinox, its called harvest moon & September's is corn moon

Harvest moon first emerges around sunset on Friday & rises 25 min later each day in US & 10-20min later in Canada & Europe. Once moon is in next phase, it returns to its regular rising 50min later.

Earlier rising time of harvest moon happens in North near autumnal equinox when moons orbit is closest to Eastern horizon. Its orbit moves 12° to east, but as Sept full moon is closer, it rises sooner

Moonlight lasts from dawn to dusk for few nights in row, which gives farmers light to continue working at night. In Southern Hemisphere, this effect occurs around the spring equinox in March or April.

When moon begins its ascent into sky, it may look a burnt orange hue. This is because there is a thicker layer of Earth's atmosphere along horizon compared with directly above our heads.

Atmosphere acts as a filter, transforming moon into eerie color when it first emerges above horizon. It may also appear larger compared with other full moons, but your eyes are playing trick with you.