HBO Max crashes for thousands during ‘House of the Dragon’ premiere

HBO Max crashed repeatedly for many viewers during the premiere of its highly anticipated “Game of Thrones” prequel, forcing some to create new user profiles to circumvent the issue.

Streaming platform confirmed that problem appeared among viewers using an Amazon Fire TV Stick, a device that allows viewers to watch movies and series from popular streaming apps such as Netflix etc.

House of the Dragon is being successfully viewed by millions of HBO Max subscribers this evening,” HBO said in a statement provided to multiple media outlets Sunday.

“We’re aware of a small portion of users attempting to connect via Fire TV devices that are having issues and are in the process of resolving for those impacted users.”

The technical hiccup coincided with the arrival of one of the most hotly awaited TV programs in years. “House of the Dragon” which is based on the medieval fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Sunday night glitch rankled some viewers, who gave voice to their frustrations on social media. “App is crashing. Very disappointing,” wrote Carly Kempler, a media and audience engagement specialist.

HBO Max would appear to start show by playing trailer ads, according to accounts on social media. But then user would be suddenly taken back to Amazon Fire TV home screen as the app suddenly exited.

Network advised various fixes like going into a different show & turning off subtitles, or uninstalling and reinstalling app. Some users could solved by creating a new profile name & reaccessing it.