HBO Spent Over $100 Million Marketing ‘House of the Dragon’

Ahead of the premiere of the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, the series has already landed HBO’s biggest marketing spending spree ever.

HBO spent over $100 million on House of the Dragon’s marketing campaign, with the majority of that money comprised of a combination of ad spot value and actual cash shelled out.

Pia Barlow, EVP of HBO Originals Marketing, said focus of the network’s marketing campaign was to “galvanize both new and existing fans.”

“The House of the Dragon campaign is generating big awareness throughout summer to signal to existing fans & new fans alike that this is a new Game of Thrones story coming to HBO Max,” Barlow said.

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. Discovery president and CEO David Zaslav congratulated his team ahead of House of the Dragon’s premiere.

“We reached nearly 130M in the U.S. alone. It has also been exciting to see teams across the company work with the HBO team in what has been an unprecedented cross-promotional campaign.” Zaslav said.

We’ve done all of this in just a few months, clearly showing what we can do when our networks, streaming platforms, digital & social channels, all work collectively in support of one shared priority. 

We can really move the needle and I can’t wait to see what we will do on future campaigns when we harness the full reach and unique opportunities we bring to the table.”