Under new restrictions starting September 26, arriving travellers will be monitored for three days.

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Hong Kong's business community and public health experts have pressured the government to lift restrictions amid a weakening economy.

As the rest of the globe moved on from the pandemic, foreigners abandoned the financial powerhouse previously known as "Asia's World City."

Singapore, which competes with Hong Kong to recruit international business and talent, has recently pulled back its border barriers.

Hong Kong's Covid-19 regulations have long been considered as strongly related to mainland China, where Beijing maintains a strict zero-Covid policy and border quarantines, with no prospect of relaxing.

In May, non-Hong Kong residents were allowed to enter from overseas for the first time in more than two years. 

In July, a scheme that stopped some flights carrying Covid-positive passengers was cancelled

Hotel quarantine and pre-flight testing requirements were considered as a substantial impediment to travel into the city