'Westworld': A Simple Guide to What Is Going On Before Season 4

Have you started the new season of HBO's Westworld and found you have no idea what each character is doing? What are they after?  

At least some of that can be explained by the ending of season 3. Let’s dive into that ! 

Caleb (Aaron Paul) joined the cast The third season introduced us to Caleb Nichols (Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul), a war veteran who's haunted by a memory of losing his friend, Francis, in combat.

Maeve and Caleb are working together Maeve reluctantly teamed up with a new character named Engerraund Serac in season 3 after Serac told her that the key to the Sublime is in Dolores' mind.

Dolores is no more-es. Well, maybe In the season 3 finale, Rehoboam destroyed Delores' memories in an attempt to find the key to the aforementioned Delos data.

'Charlotte Hale' is building hosts It's not the end for this Dolores duplicate. Season 3 confirmed that Dolores made copies of herself.

Host William has replaced William In the finale's post-credit scene, William was fatally wounded by another version of himself -- one who answers to fake Charlotte.

A bunch of humans are still in those weird pod Solomon revealed in episode 7 that the treatment given to Caleb only works on one in 10 people.  In episode 7, we saw what looks like hundreds of the eerie, gray, human-sized containers.

Caleb ushered in... the apocalypse  When Caleb made his final move in the season 3 finale, he says he's doing it to give the world a choice, like Dolores did for him. 

Bernard is headed into the Sublime Bernard, not Delores, has the key to the Sublime, the place occupied by hosts including Maeve's daughter. 

Engerraund Serac's brother, Jean Mi in season 4 We saw Jean Mi in season 3 flashbacks, and it's implied he was sitting in one of the pods we saw in the penultimate episode.