Inflation Relief: When are the next stimulus checks arriving?

California is sending 2.1 million direct deposits, a max of $1,050 to several families 2 Fridays ago. It helps economic inflation impact with millions of dollars gathered for a single stimulus check.

Even when California delivered the first deposits one week ago, several beneficiaries are asking why they haven't received their stimulus check money.

California sent 700,000 inflation relief deposits to all residents who wanted an electronic transaction. Also, FTB must deliver 2.1 million direct deposits.

When is my stimulus check arriving?

However, if you didn't receive your inflation relief money, don't worry, California will send weekly payments. For Nov 14, 8M residents will get $1,050 for families. You can contact FTB @800-542-9332.

When are the delivery dates for my stimulus money?

Oct 7 & 25: Eligible residents who signed for the Golden State Stimulus could receive their money Oct 28 to Nov 14: All taxpayers who filed their information through FTB will receive their deposits.

Oct 25 to Dec 10: All eligible residents who wanted their money in their mailbox will get prepaid debit cards after Oct. If your money doesn't arrive through Nov, it will come by the deadline in Dec.

January 15: If you applied for the stimulus money, the state approved your application, but didn't qualify for the Golden State Stimulus or direct payment, you will receive your money in January.

California will reach almost 10M families in the next week to deliver stimulus checks. Andrew LePage, FTB, said 90% of direct deposits will be paid by end of October.