Is Earth getting closer to the sun? And how this effects you

The sun is the hot ball at the centre of our solar system. Our sun is also a star and is 4.5 billion years old.

Earth's relationship with it changes constantly. Despite what you may have heard, the average distance between Earth and the sun is not static year after year. 

So what's the story? In short, the sun is getting farther away from Earth over time. The distance between the Earth and the Sun is in the range of 147.1 million to 152.1 million km.

The reason why? There are two major reasons for this growing distance. One of the reasons is that the sun is losing mass. As for the other, it involves the same forces that cause the Earth's tides.

How is the sun losing mass? The answer is quite simple, because of the sun's nuclear fusion reactions.

According to Nasa The sun's remaining lifetime is estimated to be 5 billion years, which is most likely how long the Earth will survive.

Well, even if we humans survive another 5 billion years, we will probably have to shift to another planet to carry on our civilization.