The five most stunning images capture by James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb has been releasing breathtaking images since July, when the first photos were released.

Launched in December 2021, the $10 billion James Webb telescope has captured images of distant galaxies, blazing stars light years away. 

In no particular order, here are five of James Webb's best photos.


Cosmic Cliff

NGC 3324, located in the Carina Nebula, is the largest star-forming region in the universe.

Cartwheel Galaxy

Cartwheel Galaxy formed about 400 million years ago due to collisions at high speeds. 


Jupiter’s newest image, released this week, is a gorgeous image of Jupiter and its astonishing.

Galaxy cluster SMACS 0723

As one of Webb's first images from the telescope on July 12, this is the first deep-field picture.

Southern Ring Nebula

A popular Webb photo from July 12 is of the Southern Ring Nebula, which was among the first to be released.