Kelis Blasts Beyonce: She's a THIEF With NO SOUL!

Long, long ago, Jay Z vs. Nas was the hip hop world’s most intense feud. Now, Nas’ ex-wife is picking up the baton and hurling it directly at Mrs. Carter herself, Beyonce.

As you’ve likely heard by now, Bey’s long-awaited Renaissance album leaked online this week several days ahead of its scheduled release date.

The album features a track called “Energy,” which features a sample from Kelis’ 2000 song “Get Along With You.” It might’ve been a lovely tribute from one R&B queen to another.

The only problem is, the sample wasn’t cleared with Kelis, who only found out about it after Bey’s album was released.

 Kelis took to Instagram, where she went off on Bey in epic fashion: “Some of the people in this business have no soul or integrity and they have everybody fooled.”

When one Instagram user pointed out that Kelis did receive a songwriting credit on the album, the 42-year-old clapped back, “It’s not a collab it’s theft.”

In a statement about the album released this morning, Beyonce made no reference to the Kelis controversy, but did thank her husband and kids for their help on her latest release.