Kim Kardashian accused of doing ‘permanent damage’ to Marilyn Monroe’s dress 

Originally sketched by Bob Mackie and created by Jean Louis as a dress “that only Marilyn Monroe could wear,” Monroe wore in 1963, when she performed “Happy Birthday” for then-President John F. Kennedy a few months before her death. 

Kim Kardashian paid homage to one of the most iconic moments in American pop culture history at the 2022 Met Gala when she donned the same Marilyn Monroe dress.

Kim could initially not fit into the dress, which led to Ripley’s denying her permission to wear it. But the reality star proudly admitted to losing 16 pounds to be able to fit into the iconic dress 

Crystals that were seen in photos and videos of the dress prior to the Met Gala are no longer present, and some are literally hanging by threads. The fabric of the dress is ripped and pulled apart 



Additional damage on the strap of Marilyn’s   dress post-Met Gala