Because of animal rights concerns, King Charles has banned foie gras from all royal residences.

The 74-year-old king has long criticised the French delicacy as unethical, and he previously directed Clarence House chefs not to use it while he was Prince of Wales.

Animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals applauded the move (Peta)

His Majesty's compassionate policy extends to Buckingham Palace and all other royal residences, according to Peta.

It is unclear whether Queen Elizabeth II had a strong opinion on the subject, but a letter received by Peta stated that a ban is currently in effect throughout the Royal Household.

The food is highly controversial and a number of countries in the past few years have banned its import entirely

The production of foie gras is prohibited in the United Kingdom, but it can be imported and sold freely.

Following pressure from celebrity activists such as Joanna Lumley and Ricky Gervais, the Queen's grocer Fortnum and Mason stopped selling foie gras in 2021.