King Charles III’s idea to narrow down monarchy finally comes into action

The new King’s plan to streamline the monarchy is now coming to fruition, as he recently selected Prince Anne and Prince Edward as his deputies.

Charles III used his birthday ceremony to warn non-working royals to stay away from the monarchy since he has decided to honor the working royals in full.

His choice, which appears to be a slight to his brother Prince Andrew and son Prince Harry, has received widespread plaudits from royal experts and admirers.

Due to his recent troubles, Prince Andrew was anticipated to be completely cut off from the Royal Family. People were however curious about King Charles’ intentions for his son Harry.

Harry was also stopped after the new monarch opted to let Princess Anne and Prince Edward to assume his responsibilities as king if he is unable to fulfill them.

King Charles’ decision to select Princess Anne and Prince Edward as the monarch’s stand-ins for formal tasks was a move that was deemed an affront to Prince Harry and was deemed unexpected.

King should choose his brother and sister because they are “active royals” who reside in the United Kingdom. “Unlike Prince Harry who’s out there in Montecito with the Duchess of duplicity.”