Worried King Charles III announces bonus for Royal Staff out of his private income

King Charles is concerned after noticing a rising cost of living. The royal staff has been promised a one-off payment of £600 & their monthly salary. The staff includes cleaners, servants & footmen.

The UK is going through an economic crisis after the pandemic, and there is a prediction of a recession. People earning low income are expected to suffer the most in the country's winter season.

Staff earning a yearly income of less than £30,000 will get a bonus of £600.

Those receiving income between £30,000 and £40,000 will receive an extra £400.

The bonus announcement came after King met Martin Lewis, a Money Saving Expert. He received his CBE at Buckingham Palace when King was a Prince.

King Charles has announced a bonus of £600 for royal staff.

How much bonus will the royal staff receive?

The King is worried because of increasing inflation in the country. He has announced a one-off bonus to ease the cost of living for his staff.

Why is King Charles giving bonuses to the royal staff?